1.0 Introduction

Quite often, we forget to turn off the soldering iron. This results in not only a smoking
oxidised iron but also unnecessary wastage of electricity.
This bring a need of having a system that will automatically switch off the soldering iron
In a predetermined period of time.

1.1 Problem statement
Unnecessary wastage of electricity due to forgetting of switching OFF the soldering iron
(gun) after the soldering activities
1.2 Objectives

1.2.1 Main Objective
To minimize unnecessary wastage of electricity due to forgetting of switching off
Of soldering iron
1.2.2 Specific Objectives

 To design a circuit that will automatically switch off the Soldering Iron.
 To design select the necessary components required to make and control the switching off
 To design and implement the electronic circuit that will make the timing process and perform
the switching off process.

1.3 Significances of the project.

After completion of this project the following are intended to be achieved.
 To reduce unnecessary wastage electricity.
 Minimize the problem of smoking of oxidized iron.
 The circuit can also be used for controlling the electric iron, kitchen timer or other appliances in
large scale.
 It can be used as source of income once in the market

1.4 Existing system.
The current system mostly involves manual switching OFF or unplugging the
soldering iron from the supply. Still the existing system is faced by the following

1.5 Disadvantages of existing system.
The existing system provide unnecessary wastage of electricity once one forgets to
switch OFF the soldering iron after soldering.
Also Unnecessary smoking of oxidised iron which may lead to health problems such as
chest effects.

1.6 Implemented System
The proposed system consists controlling system that is made of a monostable
multivibrator which act as timing part of the circuit. It also consist of switching system
that is made by transistor and relay . Once the push button switch is pressed
momenterily, the monostable multivibrator is triggered and gives a high output that
will switch ON the transistor and the relay in a given period of time.This mechanism
will lead to automatically switching OFF of soldering iron in a given time.

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