A house with several tenants is a house which consists of different families living in the same house. In Tanzania, most of people use one TANESCO meter in their tenant’s apartments. The energy consumption are divided to tenants without considering the energy consumed by each because the energy meter is one and reads the total number of units consumed by the whole house.

At Mr. Pascal’s house which contains four tenants in four different apartments uses single energy meter as other Tanzanian do. The people do not afford to buy an energy meter to each apartment because the TANESCO meter is very expensive compared to the income of many Tanzanians. This situation leads to conflicts among the tenants during the distribution of bill payment because a TANESCO energy meter does not indicate the amount of energy consumed by individual tenant.

There are two main types of project objectives namely:

1.2.1 Main objective
To make distribution of electrical bills according to the energy consumed by each tenant in order to minimize daily conflicts

1.2.2 Specific Objectives

The following are the specific objectives of this project:
i. Designing of a circuit for detecting energy consumed by each tenant
ii. To test a circuit
iii. To build an energy detecting circuit

The following are the significance of the project:

To make sure that the bill payment of each tenant must consider the energy he/she has consumed
This can help to minimize conflicts among tenants


Energy meter is an instrument which measures electrical energy. It is also known as watt-hour (Wh) meter. It is an integrating device. There are several types of energy meters single phase induction type energy meter are very commonly used to measure electrical energy consumed in domestic and commercial installation. Electrical energy is measured in kilo watt-hours (kWh) by this energy meter.

In TANZANIA it is difficult to get Meter to each tenant because a lot of money is needed to pay Tanzania Electric Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) so as to get individual energy meter to each tenant. This result most of people failing to pay money to the Company. But this problem can be solved providing meter to each customer.

Electric meter is a device that measure amount of electrical energy supplied to. I have passing through different meter and analyzes that the meter consist two parts which are transducer to convert power into electrical or mechanical signal and counter to integrate and display output. Electromagnetic and Electronic meter are most used in TANZANIA by the TANESCO Company.

The designing of a circuit to detect energy consution to each tenant is the solution of unequal payment of electrical bill. The system will have several components within to enable it to function.

1.7 Electromagnetic meter

This is type of meter which consists of voltage coil and current coil. This kind of meter works under principle of electromagnetic induction, when the current passes through the coils produce magnetic field which link with magnetic flux and make the disc to rotate. As the disc rotates it also rotate the gear system which is connected to it by doing this the numerical value will display to screen. Therefore the speed of revolution is proportional to power used.

1.8 Electronic energy meter

In this type of meter, current and and voltage are first calculated by separated transducers. After that power can be calculated. Transducers transform one form of quantity to another form of quantity. Therefore it transform the measurement signal and display it as the energy consumed by specific customer. Current Transformer ( CT’s) are often used to directly sense the current consumed. The greater consern is the precission of these devices, especially the the precission over a wide range of temperature and current. The newer electronic meters can be read automatically. Also in addition to measuring of electricity it is used to record other parameters of the load and supply such as maximum demand, power factor and reactive power used.

1.9 Automatic meter reading (AMR) and Remote meter reading
Automatic and remote meter reading describe various systems that allow meter
to be read without the need of sending meter reader out to site. Automatic meter
reading is fererunner of smart metering. The pulpose of AMR is replaced the
conventional billing process, using using information and technology instead of
manual meter reading. It ensure that accurate reading resent regularly to an
energy company (TANESCO) so that customer billing could be accurate and

2.0 Pre- payment meter
The prepayment meter designed purposely to overcome the customer who failing to pay the bill that required paying at specific period. This makes advance payment before electricity can be used. If the available credit is exhausted then the supply of electricity is cut off by a relay. Prepaid meters are recharged by entering a unique, encoded sixteen digit number using keypad. There are various groups, such as the Standard Transfer Specification (STS) association, which promote standards for prepay meter metering systems across the manufactures.

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