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Express Ticket To Success Review: Affiliate In 7 Days

Express Ticket To Success is an answer to the question, What does a good affiliate marketing training program do? I would say traffic, what kind of traffic it teaches and how deep the training is. There are other reasons to pay attention when choosing a training course such as format, range, price, return policy and all. I have seen hundreds of affiliate marketing courses over the years, many of which offer a free “ready for you” website, and others come with innovative tools or secret tips. But when it comes to driving traffic, they often recommend some well-established single advertiser vendors and leave all the stressful parts to you, yet traffic is the most important part.

Are you ready? Then I think my Ticket to Success review can help you in your success if you are new to online marketing or have been there for a while but don’t seem to be doing that, at least for now you can watch and decide on a free webinar. You can check if this coaching program is for you. If you want to earn a good amount of money in a very short time, it will be worth it without spending money on traffic.

What Is Express Ticket To Success?

Express Ticket To Success is an affiliate marketing coaching program that helps you make money by gaining the audience’s trust in a short period without spending a dime on paid ads. It’s a 1 full year of mentorship and coaching by Philip Johansen, a Danish multi-millionaire entrepreneur and Dan Khan, a young “college dropout” who is also a super-affiliate.

Affiliate marketing reached over 12 billion in 2020. With more shifts being bought online, it should grow at a record pace. An easy way to make commissions from other people’s products and hard work. No experience is needed to make a product and no product is needed but most affiliates don’t make much money: 48% of affiliate marketers who make only $ 20 a year. Very few affiliates are earning a ‘lifetime’. In most programs, only 10% of affiliates charge 90% of the fee. In fact there is not much competition at the top.
The method is about;

  • Leveraging YouTube videos to sell affiliate products and build a list at the same time, i.e. not using paid traffic.
  • Being transparent to your audience and become a trustworthy marketer. You don’t need a list of thousands of leads but the quality of prospects that matters.
  • The value ladder – not selling one product each time but repeatedly sell different items in higher values.

You’ll start learning the basics from the tutorials, while you can ask any questions to Philip, Dan, or the community members as frequently as you wish. They’ll make sure you’re making decent revenues, so you’re not working alone, although your affiliate business will be of your own.

Express Ticket To Success

Success review tickets

Millions of Marketers are competing for a small portion of that money and there are billions of commissions to accelerate it. 10% your chances of getting rich are no better at the super affiliate level. Like all good methods, it is incredibly simple but, compared to other systems, converts from one to five.

Ticket to Success is a revolutionary global approach to affiliate marketing. Suitable for both new and experienced marketers you have never seen it this way, because there is no such thing as a success ticket:

Proven system from two super collaborators
Stacked with current evidence of results, Includes surprisingly powerful “5X high resolution method”

VIP Facebook group, A-Z Free traffic from

EPIC customer support and much more.

If you want to take your affiliate game to the next level, start with completely free traffic no matter where you start and in less than 30 minutes per day at a daily commission of 3+.

The Tutorials Modules

The “over the shoulder”, the results-focused tutorial program has 6 modules;

  • Module 1: Overview – Understanding what ETTS is about and start planning your success.
  • Module 2: Mindgame Mastery – Learning the marketing technique is one thing but you have to have the right mindset to make success possible.
  • Module 3: Secret Conversion System – The secret source of affiliate marketing that you don’t get from anywhere else. You’ll get to copy the exact commission-generating system.
  • Module 4: Hands-Free Automation – Learn how to make your system autopilot, so you’ll work fewer hours and receive truly passive income.
  • Module 5: Unstoppable Traffic Hack – This is the area most affiliates struggle with. You’ll tap into the best traffic sources via YouTube.
  • Module 6: Outrank All Competition – To stand out from the crowd of competition. 

What Does This Product Offer You?

Tickets for success help you from start to finish with The Daily Nick Commission with a one-time setup and ongoing results. You get it with a ticket to success:

Copy and paste the commission template

It is a step-by-step training-based platform that allows you to go from zero to commission in case of any problems. You don’t have to guess again with the “do it then” video series

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With just 30 minutes a day, you can move on without any experience or information overload!

DFY shortcut to the result

As I said before, you immediately enter a private FB community to skyrocket your results with real-world applications.

This group is so powerful that it can explode your lead generation and organic traffic in no time! Nothing like this has ever happened before!

Viral traffic from the authority platform

Tickets for success use powerful platforms to boost your results. Sit back and the ticket to success will show you how free buyer traffic makes you an enthusiastic fan! Even if you don’t have a follower or social presence, it’s still possible!

The ‘Set and Forget’ commission is automatic

The best part is that you will learn how to automate the 90% process with traffic lead generation and ongoing pass income promotion. No more burning yourself trying to get results online!

Break up the competition

This “Build-in Branding” method leaves the competition in the dust!

This blueprint gives you a shortcut to becoming the “go” person you want to buy without any expertise or authority. Which place do you want to prioritize? It’s completely easy with a ticket to success!

Tickets for Success is a successful conversion system that gives you 3 corners for the Commission:

Automated Lead Generation From Free Traffic

The Secret 5X Conversion Multiplier

The Mind Game Mastery.

Express Ticket To Success

Who Is Express Ticket To Success For?

Express Ticket To Success works with any niche, and the method is not just on “trends” but sustainable, so I can safely say it’s for anyone who wishes to see good results from real affiliate marketing with ethical practices. The course will definitely help you grow your entrepreneurial confidence and reputation in years to come. 

There is no technical complication in any part of the program, so it’s perfect for the complete novice.

Visit Express Ticket To Success Official Website

Ticket To Success Features

  • All-inclusive A-Z system for commission in any niche.
  • Tickets are perfectly suited for beginners. No technical skills or experience required.
  • Simple process only takes 30 minutes a day.
  • Steal the right blueprint behind 5X high conversions and affiliate commissions.
  • Without paying for traffic or advertising.
  • Without complicated split-tests.
  • Without making your own product.
  • Without a fantasy website.
  • Without Social with any social media follow-up or email list.
  • Without any authority or expert status.
  • And most importantly, Without wasting time and money on the overhyped “1-Click Magic Buttons”, which never worked and never will.

The Pricing

Express Ticket To Success is sold at a one-time fee of $997 (or 3 x $497 monthly installments.) 

There are many other affiliate marketing training programs out there for similar prices. Most others will require you to spend money on traffic on top of it – at least a few hundreds of dollars every month to make the method work. Buying traffic is extra hard work – requires techniques such as copywriting, monitoring, plus often communicating with traffic vendors and negotiating. Considering all that, I think the ETTS method will save a lot of your money.

Refund Policy

Express Ticket To Success is sold via ClickBank, so your purchase is covered by ClickBank’s 60-day money-back guarantee.

About Express Ticket To Success Creators

This product is created by two top notch stars of the Internet World – PHILIP JOHANSEN and DAN KHAN.

Philip is a beast in the Online Marketing World. He created several products which are blasts in the Internet Industry like High Ticket Hero, The Kingdom Builder, Forsaken Traffic and many more.

This time he has partnered with a Talented Internet Marketer – Dan Khan to share their secrets with the world.

Express Ticket To Success Conclusion

Many affiliates struggle because they remain anonymous and try to promote each other’s products at the same time. They have to spend a lot of time and money working hard to get new leads. They call their affiliate marketing commissions “passive income”, but their income doesn’t “pass” by spending that much time.

Express Tickets to Success denies all of this and encourages you to be realistic. There is no spam, there is no “one click system” that never works. I am sure you would love to learn directly from the Super Affiliates and follow in their footsteps.

It takes a lot of effort at first to learn a technique, but all the help is available. Once you’re on the right track, you can dramatically reduce your work time and start earning real passes. If you are serious about making big bucks from affiliate marketing without paying for consistent traffic, then Express Tickets to Success is for you.

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