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Farms near me with animals | Find an Amazing Petting Zoo

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Get outdoors while visiting cute, cuddly baby animals and barnyard pets on a local farm or at a New Jersey petting zoo. In addition to seeing chicks, calves, lambs, bunnies, and piglets, kids can often pick their own fruits and vegetables at these Garden State farms. Some even host events where kids can watch cows being milked or another farmstead demonstration, such as learning how cheese and bread are made.

Northern New Jersey Petting Zoos

Here is the list of the nearest farms with animals you can visit:

Abma’s Farm – Wyckoff

Head to Abma’s for a quaint farm experience. The family staff welcomes everyone to visit and feed its cows, goats, bunnies, and more friendly farm animals. Head into the market to purchase crackers to feed some of the animals, or grab a sandwich, cookie, soup, and other delicious treats for yourself and the kids. The barnyard is open every day but Sunday and timed- entry tickets are required (tickets can be purchased online). On Wednesdays, grandparents can enjoy FREE admission. Pony rides are available on Saturdays from May through October and advanced ticket purchase is also required.

Fosterfields Living Historical Farm – Morristown

Fosterfields Living Historical Farm functions exactly as it did at the turn of the 20th century. This is no petting zoo, but kids can see exactly how the animals were raised in the olden days. They can watch pigs, sheep, horses, and donkeys in the fields and pens. Kids can also crack corn and feed the chickens, and they can even go into the hen house to collect eggs at the end of the day. Bear in mind that the animals are just a small part of the farm, and kids are expected to help out with other chores such as pumping water, doing laundry, churning butter, and much more. Open May through October, farm tours are by online reservation only.

Alstede Farms – Chester

Alstede is a great place to bring the family year-round, and it offers everything from fresh produce to Christmas trees. There is always a seasonal fruit to pick, and the barnyard animals meet you right at the parking lot! It also has a baby animal tour for children: A scenic hayride brings everyone to a heated barn, where you can visit all the babies. Children can pet ducklings and visit baby goats, pigs, cows, lambs, and more. There are pony rides during certain seasons, too! You can purchase feed bags filled with veggies to feed the animals.

The Barnyard Sanctuary – Columbia

The Barnyard Sanctuary is a safe place where animals are rescued, rehabilitated, and re-homed. Currently, the property is home to more than 720 rescued farm animals, including horses, donkeys, mules, cows, water buffalo, sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, emus, pot-bellied pigs, farm hogs, and many birds. This unique place is open to visitors, but you must schedule an appointment to visit. Open Monday through Friday between 9am and 3pm or Saturday from 9am-noon. If you’ve been thinking about adding to your family (by two or four feet), the farm has an ‘Adopt Me’ program and a very vigilant vetting process to ensure its animals and adopters are ideally matched.

Brookhollow’s Barnyard – Boonton

Brookhollow’s Barnyard is a small petting farm where kids can interact with animals such as alpacas, llamas, sheep, goats, ponies, donkeys, chickens, peafowl, ducks, and miniature horses. Its unique bucket-and-shovel method of safety-first feeding ensures little fingers are never too close to the animals’ chompers. Many baby animals arrive throughout the spring and early summer. Other activities include a playground and seasonal fun from egg hunts to a pumpkin patch. The farm also hosts birthday parties and weekly summer camps for kids. The barn is scheduled to open its doors on May 1 and typically closes for the season following Halloween.

Farms near me with animals

Valley Shepherd Creamery – Long Valley

This is the place to see everything sheep. Starting in April, the farm offers weekend spring and summer lambing tours, during which kids can see hundreds of lambs. It also offers milk and cheese tours in the fall, where you can learn how cheeses are made, see the milking and cheese-making process, and enjoy tastings. Online reservations are required for all tours.

Central New Jersey Petting Zoos

Bluebird Farm Alpacas – Peapack

The Bluebird Farm Alpacas is a unique type of petting zoo, with an 11-acre farm situated in the Somerset Hills. On a visit, you are encouraged to take pictures, meet, and interact with the farm’s cuddly herd. Tours are available on weekends and are by online reservation only.

10 Lil’ Acre Rescued Animal Farm – Old Bridge

Bring your family to 10 Lil’ Acre Rescued Animal Farm to meet rescued animals like bunnies, ponies, ducks, pigs, sheep, cows, horses, and more. Learn how to care for them and buy a bag of food to try feeding them yourself. The farm is open weekends only and pony rides are included with your petting zoo ticket purchase.

Allaire Community Farm – Wall

The Allaire Community Farm is operated and supported by more than 200 volunteers year-round and is home to many rescued animals, from goats to horses to ducks. Walk around the farm, say hello to the furry and feathered friends, and buy a bag of food to feed the animals. The farm is closed to visitors on Mondays.

Bobolink Dairy – Milford

Bobolink Dairy raises grass-fed cows and produces outstanding cheeses and wood-fired bread. Show your kids where the cows pasture, see where the bread is made, and taste the different cheeses during farm tours. Farm tours are by online reservation only, and group sizes are limited to 12 or fewer.

Doyle’s Farm – Flemington

Book a 90-minute tour at Doyle’s Farm, and you’ll get to experience a bunch of fun farm activities, including meeting farm animals like cows, sheep, goats, chicken, bunnies, pigs, and donkeys. Learn their purpose on the farm and the differences between breeds. In the spring, you can go on hayrides, learn (and try!) goat milking, collect eggs from the coop, hand-feed the sheep and goats, plant seeds, and more.

Richfield Farms
Richfield Farms is the perfect place to spend an afternoon for kids who love interacting with animals. All year-round, the petting zoo is open for drop-bys. Pigs, donkeys, and rabbits are just some of the animals on-site for petting and feeding. There is also fresh produce and lots of different plants to purchase.
1139 Van Houten Ave., Clifton, NJ 07013
(973) 777-7535

Johnson’s Corner Farm
Goats, chickens, cows, sheep, and miniature donkeys are available at the farm. Get a season pass that gives access to the animals and the Discovery playground. Don’t miss the pick-your-own opportunities throughout the year and the Farm Market.
133 Church Street, Medford, NJ 08055
(609) 654-8643

Alstede Farms
Donkeys, horses, sheep, and goats are on the farm all year round. Kids can buy carrots and animal feed to feed the animals. While at Alstede, you can also pick your fruits and vegetables, participate in farm events, and learn more about community-supported agriculture.
1 Alstede Farms Lane, Chester, NJ 07930
(908) 879-7189

The Barnyard Sanctuary
The sanctuary has saved the lives of over 3,000 animals, and it all started with a mission to help pet owners who had to re-home their pets. You can visit, adopt, and become a barnyard guardian to an animal in need (you need an appointment to stop by).
Columbia, NJ
(973) 670-4477

10 Lil’ Acre Rescued Farm
Your kids will love to see goats, pigs, ducks, and bunnies at this rescue farm. There are also several events throughout the year, including flower sales and a bubble party.
116 Texas Road Old Bridge, NJ 08857
(732) 646-0698

Allaire Community Farm
This non-profit farm focuses on the special needs population, teens with mental health issues, and local families battling cancer. Equine and animal therapy is also available for those with special needs and anxiety. Various farm programs are available, and you can even sponsor an animal.
1923 Bailey’s Corner Road, Wall, NJ 07719
(732) 796-3298

Doyle’s Farm
Cows, sheep, goats, bunnies, pigs, donkeys, and more are available for public tours, private tours, or field trips. There are also hayrides, goat milking, egg collecting, hand feeding, sheep shearing, and bottle feeding baby animals.
110 Summer Road, Flemington, NJ 08822
(908) 824-2479

Lots of Love Farm
This animal sanctuary is one of the bigger petting zoos in NJ. The farm has over 175 animals with an educational experience and animal interaction.
1928 Corkery Lane Williamstown, NJ 08094
(856) 728-4188

Rizzo’s Wildlife World
Currently, Rizzo’s is a travel-out program, exhibiting their bugs, lizards, snakes, turtles, small mammals, and many other creatures for schools, camps, and parties. Kids who love reptiles will get a thrill seeing snakes and their creepy-crawly cousins up close.
1 Gold Mine Road, Flanders, NJ 07836
(973) 586-0444

Petting zoos in NJ within a zoo

Animal Encounters at the Cape May County Zoo
You can have a face-to-face encounter with various animals at the Cape May County Zoo for a fee. Engage in a Giraffe Encounter and offer them “browse” to eat while learning all about this mighty animal from an educator. Or sign up for a 30-minute Camel Encounter and get up close and personal with a Bactrian and Dromedary camel. And if your kids love snakes and lizards, go behind the scenes with a zoo educator and explore the reptile building and feed some tasty treats to some of the older reptiles in the zoo.
707 North Route 9, Cape May, NJ 08210
(609) 465-5271

Essex Farm at the Turtle Back Zoo
If you are looking for more petting zoos in NJ, look no further than the Turtle Back Zoo. Nestled in the zoo is the Essex House, a collection of hand-raised farm animals perfect to pet. See horses, goats, sheep, and more. There is even a pony ride station nearby to enjoy.
560 Northfield Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052
(973) 731-5800

Every Farm Animal You Can Imagine

At Alstede Farms we have a very diverse variety of livestock in our animal pastures located throughout the farm, including cattle, horses, sheep, goats,  peacocks, miniature and large donkeys, ponies and mini horses, waterfowl, bunnies, cats, and poultry. Having a wide range of animals helps us to provide a more educational farm experience for all of our guests, and definitely adds a level of enjoyment to both the guest experience as well as the enjoyment of our staff. We love seeing what our friendly, cute, and sometimes very silly animals are up to throughout the day.

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The Care and Keeping of Healthy Livestock

The proper care of our animals is a top priority for us and we have several staff members with extensive livestock and animal care training, in addition to a veterinarian that is on call for us 24/7, involved with the daily chores and feeding of our animals. Each of our pastures have protected turn in areas where our livestock can enter and leave at will without restriction and without any limitation on how long they wish to be inside. These are bedded and cleaned on a regular basis. Each pasture also has heated water troughs that prevent their water from freezing even on the coldest of nights. Our animals are fed twice per day, morning and late afternoon and feed are provided to them both inside and outside based upon the type of weather we are having.

Providing the Right Habitat

Some of our animals receive additional housing attention, as you may have noticed if you have visited our farm:
At our farm store, we have built a goat walk for our goats, to allow them to climb high above our heads and enjoy the view, as well as treats from our guests. Goats are known for their enjoyment of climbing on anything and everything, and they loved the goat walk as soon as it was built! They are very smart, and have learned to wait patiently, and sometimes quite eagerly, at the top of the goat feeders, while our customers and guests fill the small feeding cups and send them to the top of the goat walk! If you drive by our farm store or stop in any day of the week, you will see them enjoying themselves! (sometimes they can even be seen lounging at the top, enjoying a nap in the evening.)

Our ducks and geese that are kept by our farm store enjoy splashing in a pool of fresh water all day, and we have many free-range ducks and geese located in the back of the farm, near the Alstede home, that enjoying living by the two large ponds we have located there as well.

Little Miracles

Each season we rear an average of about 8 or 10 new babies of various types, usually during the cold weather of winter, with perfect vitality…which is a real compliment to the attentiveness of our staff and our animal care policies and procedures. We have had some of our animals on the farm for over a decade, and we have raised many healthy new generations of livestock each season. Occasionally, with new moms especially, our staff will even go as far as bottle feeding the newest little ones through the first nights, to help get them started on the right foot. (or hoof!) Our staff, including the Alstede children, is very dedicated to their welfare and well-being.

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