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How To Watch HBO Max On LG Smart TV

You can stream HBO Max on LG Smart TV. Here’s how to sign up, download, install, and start streaming HBO Max using your LG Smart TV. Learn how to get the most out of your LG Smart TV while using HBO Max.

hbo max on lg smart tv
How To Watch HBO Max On LG Smart TV


HBO Max is a subscription video streaming service that gives access to the full HBO library, along with exclusive Max Originals, and access to every Warner Bros. film on HBO Max on the same day that it hits theaters.

How to Sign Up and Download HBO Max on LG Smart TV

HBO Max is available natively using LG Smart TV (2018+ ). Additionally, you may be able to stream to your LG Smart TV through Apple AirPlay (2018+ (webOS 4.0+) models).

HBO Max app on LG Smart TV

  1. Click here to sign up for HBO Max.
  2. Once you’ve signed up, go to the Home Screen on your LG Smart TV.
  3. Launch the app store and search for “HBO Max” on your LG Smart TV.
  4. Select “Download” to install the app.
  5. Once installed, log in using your HBO Max credentials.
  6. You can now stream HBO Max on LG Smart TV.

 Apple AirPlay

  1. Click here to sign up for HBO Max.
  2. Install the HBO Max iPhone/iPad app.
  3. Once installed, log in using your HBO Max credentials.
  4. Make sure your Smart TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone/iPad.
  5. Start playing the content in the HBO Max app and select the AirPlay icon.
  6. Choose your LG Smart TV and it will start displaying on your Smart TV.

What features are available on HBO Max?

Up to 5 Profiles

HBO Max will allow you up to 5 profiles and lets you choose a unique color for each one.

Parental Controls

For kids, you can create specific profiles. They will limit the content that the child sees, but also will disallow playback of certain types of shows and movies by rating.

To activate, you will set a PIN, which will allow you to unlock or change the restrictions.

Up to 3 Devices

HBO Max allows you to stream up to three different devices at the same time.

Offline Downloads

One major improvement over HBO NOW is that HBO Max allows you to download your favorite shows and movies to tablet and mobile devices. You will have to refresh content every 30 days.

Offline downloads isn’t available to those with HBO Max With Ads, so you will have to upgrade to HBO Max Ad-Free Tier to get access to download offline.

International Access

In most markets, HBO Max does not allow access to the service outside the United States — but you will be able to watch offline downloads.

Procedure to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TVs using Windows PC?

You may even use your own Windows PC to stream HBO video to your LG Smart TV! This is what you must do:

  • 1. Hover the ‘More’ button on your LG TV remote after pressing the ‘Home’ button.
  • 2. Then, from your TV’s main screen, select Device Connector, and then click on the PC. 
  • 3. Now select Screen Share from the drop-down menu.
  • 4. After that, go to the left panel and click on ‘Miracast.’ To begin, press the ‘Start button.
  • 5. A PIN will appear on the screen. As a result, take note of this pin.
  • 6. Then join the same Wi-Fi network as your PC and LG TV.
  • 7. Go to your computer and click the ‘Notifications’ icon. Then press the ‘Connect’ button.
  • 8. You will be presented with a selection of possible devices; select ‘LG Smart TV from the list.
  • 9. Then, enter the PIN you made a mental note of and click ‘Next.’
  • 10. On your computer, open your web browser and go to the HBO Max website. HBO Max programming will begin to appear on your LG TV Smart TV shortly.

Now you may start watching your favorite HBO shows and then enjoy.

Procedure to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TVs using YouTube TV?

You’re probably familiar with the popular YouTube app, which offers a variety of videos as well as live television. 

We have some exciting news for you: HBO Max can now be featured on your YouTube app! Although it may be a little pricey for you, it will undoubtedly be worthwhile! Here’s how to use the YouTube app to watch all of your favorite HBO Max episodes:

  • 1. Go to the LG content store from the LG TV’s home screen.
  • 2. Then, using the search icon, look for ‘YouTube TV.’
  • 3. Go to the download page and click the Download button.
  • 4. Open the HBO Max website in a web browser on your smartphone or computer.
  • 5. Then you’ll have to decide whether you want to sign up through a TV or a mobile service provider.
  • 6. Scroll down and select YouTube TV from the drop-down menu. In order to complete the setup, you must follow the on-screen instructions.
  • 7. Return to your LG TV and sign in with the YouTube account you used to sign up for HBO Max.

Procedure to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TVs using the Xbox console

Your Xbox console is another wonderful option to stream HBO MAX on LG TV. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

  • 1. HBO GO is available for download via the Xbox Store. 
  • 2. However, you must link your Microsoft account to your device.
  • 3. Then, on your device, open HBO GO.
  • 4. Select “Activate your device” from the drop-down menu.
  • 5. On the screen, you’ll see an activation code. To access through your provider, provide this code from your mobile or computer browser and follow the instructions

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