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Job Vacancies at World Vision, Field Monitor – Nyarugusu 7 Positions


Food distribution to refugees is very sensitive aspect hence the purpose of this role is to execute the food distribution process at the assigned chute, that include planning of the food distribution, execution and reporting. As the Field Monitor will be responsible SCOPE application and crowd control for effective services delivery.

% of timeActivityEnd Results
10%Develop daily Chute distribution planDaily distribution plan developed and shared with key Supervisor
50%Supervise food scooping process to ensure a beneficiary gets right entitlementBeneficiaries get right entitlement (Refer to FBM reports)
10%Manage food allocated to his/her chute as standardsFood handling principles adhered too
10%Supervise Scoopers assigned to the chute Quality services rendered
5%Compile food distribution reportQuality reports compiled and submitted
5%Supervise chute cleanlinessChute is clean always
10%Participate into food prepositioning exercisesActive participation is vivid 
Required Professional ExperienceOne-year experience in working with humanitarian operations,Experience in handling commodities managementExperience in working with refugee programs
Required Education,training, license,registration, andcertificationTraining in commodities management, response trainings.
Preferred Knowledgeand QualificationsAdvanced diploma in Accountant, Procurement, Community Economy DevelopmentDegree is an added value
Travel and/orWork EnvironmentRequirement Refugee camps PhysicalRequirementsShould be physically fitLanguageRequirementsEnglish and Swahili
Contact (within WV or outside WV)Reason for contactFrequency of contact
WFP Field staffThey are always on ground witnessing distribution process hence effective communication is essentialDaily
UNHCR Field StaffTo resolve challenges associated with beneficiaries registrationDaily
Plan InternationalFor child protection issues associated with food servicesDaily
Refugee community leadersInformation dissemination to the communities at largeRegularly
EDP staffFood requests from the store and any communication related to food deliveryRegularly
FBMFor effective understanding of discrepancies if any, timely.Regularly
The role needs minimal discussion making
CORE COMPETENCIES – For all positions, select the top 3 prioritized competencies from below. Click here for a quick overview of our Core Competencies.
☐ Be Safe and Resilient☒ Deliver Results☐ Build Relationships☒ Be Accountable☐ Learn and Develop☐ Improve and Innovate☒ Partner and Collaborate☐ Embrace Change
For Management positions only, select the top 2 prioritized competencies from below.
☒ Model Self-Management☒ Engage, Influence, Leadand Grow Others☐ Run an Effectiveand Agile Organisation☐ Develop the Organisationfor the Future

The deadline for submitting the application is 24 January 2022.


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