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Mapinduzi ya Usajili aliyofanya Barbara Gonzalez ndani ya Simba Sc

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Barbara Jaime Gonzalez Popularly known as Barbara Gonzalez is a Tanzanian sports business executive and appointed Chief Executive Officer of a Tanzanian football club Simba Sport Club.

Simba Sports Club is a football club based in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Founded in 1936, the club was called Queens and later changed their name to Eagles, then to Sunderland. In 1971 they were renamed Simba. Simba is one of the two biggest clubs in Tanzania, alongside cross-city rivals Young Africans.

Changes in Simba Sc Transfer Protocols by Barbara Gonzalez

Mapinduzi ya Usajili aliyofanya Barbara Gonzalez ndani Simba Sc
Mapinduzi ya Usajili aliyofanya Barbara Gonzalez ndani Simba Sc
Mapinduzi ya Usajili aliyofanya Barbara Gonzalez ndani Simba Sc
Mapinduzi ya Usajili aliyofanya Barbara Gonzalez ndani Simba Sc

In the big transformation that Simba Sc have done for the past three seasons is the area of ‚Äč‚Äčregistration and transfer of players, the area they have learned a lot
In East Africa, many teams are getting to know each other, to get to know each other and to get their hands on the SYSTEMIC REGISTRATION.
These registers often do not go to treat team problems but to treat problems in people’s pockets, through 10% which is why many international registrations were very successful in the country, including Simba

There is no way to change the wind than to accept learning, to get EE BALANCE i.e. Exposure and Experience, then the CEO had to travel to find out how their peers are doing
He arrived in Al Ahly in Egypt, TP Mazembe (met with Officials) along with Mamelodi Sundowns, all of which are rocks in Africa that specialize in player trades.

In the big class he got CEO is networking, between Clubs and AGENCIES (Agents) who are in the Company system, yes it is the easiest way to find good players at a good cost then do big business
Lions through Agencies got the benefit of having more than 62 Scouts across Africa, it is easy for them to get another Sakho from Bambali, Peter Banda from Lilongwe or another Kanoute from Mali

This business is WIN WIN, because what the Lions won is to have a good pre-trade forum (PHATIC FUNCTION PER BUSINESS) this is how easily they got Peter Banda in front of Sherrif Tiraspol
They have learned something, even if you look at their international registrations this season, most kids have more than eight seasons ahead and big business ahead, the biggest exercise they have left is the inner window, there is a small problem area, WHERE IS IT?
Lets end here, but tomorrow we shall continue tackling some more problems concerning this case

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