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Project Manager at TECDEN | Ajira

Job Description

Project Manager

We are recruiting for key roles to lead successful implementation of this unique and exciting project. All positions will be based in the TECDEN Country Office in Dodoma.

Mtoto Kwanza Project Manager


Tanzania Early Childhood Development Network (TECDEN) is a national umbrella network of Early Childhood Development (ECD) Civil Society Organisations working to promote Early Childhood Development in Tanzania by influencing change in policies, programmes and practices. Our work aims to impact the children holistic development, inspired by a vision that the rights and needs of all infants and young children must be realised to survive, grow, and develop to their full potential. TECDEN has been in operation since 2000 and is a leading platform for ECD dialogue coordination among civil society, government and other stakeholders.

TECDEN, in partnership with Children in Crossfire Tanzania, has recently secured funding from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation to deliver an ambitious three years project championing ECD policy and programming advocacy. The project to be popularly known as “Mtoto Kwanza” will provide lead support to the government of Tanzania and the wider ECD stakeholders in supporting the implementation of the anticipated National Multisectoral ECD Programme (NM- ECDP) at national, regional and council levels.

Job Purpose

The Mtoto Kwanza! Project Manager will provide TECDEN management-lead to the quality delivery and continuous improvements of this flagship ECD project. The position will hold specific responsibility to establish the project network of Local CSOs championing ECD across all mainland regions and ensure excellent management leadership of the project network to achieve quality ECD programming sub-nationally across Tanzania. The Project Manager will also actively support TECDEN engagement in national-level ECD policy and programming processes and mechanisms.

Major Responsibilities

  • Lead management responsibility for the Sub-national strategy of the Mtoto Kwanza! Project, including all major activities contributing to strategy implementation and regional delivery of the government’s National Multisectoral ECD Programme (NM-ECDP);
  • Lead management responsibility for supportive supervision and capacity-building of the project network of Local CSOs, including ECD technical competence, work plan development, and advocacy performance;
  • Lead coordination and project facilitation of schedule of Biannual NM-ECDP Regional Progress Review Meetings across all regions, including consistent reporting mechanisms;
  • Ensure effective linkages and synergies between project activities and mechanisms across national and sub-national (regional) levels;
  • Fully engage as part of the TECDEN Secretariat and Mtoto Kwanza project management in national level meetings and ECD policy

Specific Responsibilities

  • Serve as a leading technical specialist for Mtoto Kwanza Project, supporting the development of technical approaches and tools that enhance the positive impact of the
  • Provide a wide range of technical assistance to Local Civil Society partners, including supporting the development of their work plan, providing supportive supervision to ensure effective implementation of their plans, designing and delivering ECD related training to the project
  • Support organising project review meetings with an array of ECD stakeholders at regional and council level and presenting findings at National Review meetings for the National Multisectoral ECD Programme.
  • Support the development of the project database, including the project scorecard on ECD performance to be positioned for use across all
  • Ensure effective and consistent reporting across the project network of Local Civil Society partners, and lead on the consolidation of these reports and synthesis of key themes emerging for sharing with the national-level government monitoring mechanisms that coordinate progress review of the National Multisectoral ECD Programme.
  • Collaborate with TECDEN colleagues to provide technical support in the development of the New Strategic Plan to strengthen TECDEN programming through leveraging internal cross-sector expertise
  • Provide oversight of the project grant in line with TECDEN financial policy and
  • Review and track monthly expenditures and advise the Executive Director of the projected overruns or
  • Act as a liaison person between the government and local civil society
  • Develop project reports as required as well as documentation of project best practices to be shared in different TECDEN’ presentations for learning
  • Facilitate linkages between the Local Civil Society partners and the project network of UTPC (Union of Tanzania Press Clubs) trained ECD journalists that report on ECD and support community engagement in all regions.
  • Collaborate with advocacy personnel to share up-to-date stories promoting ECD with TECDEN social media according to established
  • Frequent travel to the field to monitor program implementation and provide technical assistance
  • Initiating, facilitating and coordinating project research, including project evaluation
  • The role holder may be required to carry out additional duties within reasonableness of their level of skills and
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  • Minimum of degree level in Early Childhood Development, Social Science or equivalent
  • Minimum five (5) years of relevant area work experience in leading design and implementation of development programmes preferably in child
  • Demonstrated experience in working effectively with CSOs, beneficiaries and
  • Strong understanding of early childhood development (ECD) development programming and of the ECD landscape in Tanzania and familiarity with key
  • Demonstrable experience of providing project management, supportive supervision and capacity-building support to local implementing partners to effectively deliver on development
  • Strong understanding of working closely with local government structures, systems and strategic points of engagement to integrate programmatic priorities in local government
  • Excellent interpersonal, analytical and communication skills (both oral and written) with strong command of written English skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and meet deadlines under
  • Solid relationship-building skills and cross-cultural sensitivity: ability to interface with external constituents from a variety of
  • Strong analytical abilities, both quantitative and
  • Leadership, organisational and problem-solving skills and excellent attention to
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint,

Child Safeguarding:

TECDEN is committed to keeping children and vulnerable adults safe, so our selection process, which includes rigorous background checks, reflects our commitment to protecting children and vulnerable adults from abuse.


All applicants are required to complete a TECDEN Application Form and email to:

Only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 17th November 2021.

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