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Tanzanian truck driver killed in DR Congo

Tanzanian truck driver working for Delina Oil and Gas distributors Tanzania Ltd, Khalfhan Hamisi has been killed in DR Congo.

 The incident which occurred on Wednesday January 5, comes just a week after a Tanzanian truck was also killed in the same country though under different circumstances.

The Tanzanian embassy to DR Congo head of chancery Mr Netho Yatega confirmed to The Citizen that criminals attacked the said driver and killed him.

“It’s true he has been killed by unknown thugs in Lubumbanshi, around Katanga area. After the driver offloaded fuel, he was attacked when he was driving from Lumbanshi to Kasumbalesa border,” he said.

He added: A mob of criminals jumped on the moving truck, demanded for some money from Mr Hamisi who later gave them but unfortunately, they were not satisfied with the amount instead they requested for more money when Hamisi  tried to defend himself the criminal pushed him out of the truck killing him instantly.

He stressed that they have already contacted DR Congo foreign minister to help them with document procedures to enable transport the body of the deceased.

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 “We are saddened by the death of Khafan Hamisi because only a week ago we lost another Tanzanian driver in Congo. We are planning to hold a meeting with the governor who is responsible for Lubumbashi to come up with strategies and security around Lubumbashi Kasumbalesa border, “he said.

Delina Oil and Gas Distributors Limited Tanzania, chief executive officer Mr Geofrey Nyange told The Citizen that he has been saddened with the death of his employee.

“Incidents like this, is very sad, because this driver has worked for the company for many years. It is unfortunate that the incident occurred in a foreign country. We are currently communicating with the Tanzanian Embassy in Congo DRC to help us transport the body back home,” he said.

Explaining about safety of drivers in Congo DRC, he said,’ we have a contract with a certain company to transport fuel even when the incident occurred when our sixteen trucks were in a convoy.

Tanzania Truck Drivers Association Chairman Mr Schubert Mbakizo asked the government to establish a consulate in Lubumbashi unlike it is at the moment the Tanzanian embassy was located in Kinshasa which is more than 1,240 kilometers from Lubumbanshi.

 “There is need for Tanzania to establish a consulate in Lubumbashi because 65 per cent of business activities are conducted there,” he said.

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