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Tigo Pesa Tariffs 2021/2022 (Makato ya Tigo Pesa 2021)

Tigo Pesa Tariffs 2021/2022 (Tigo Pesa Makato 2021) If you’re looking for Tigo pesa charges in Tanzania or Tigo Pesa Tariffs?  (Ada za Tigo Pesa – Tigo Tanzania, makato mapya ya kutuma na kutoa pesa kwa Tigo Pesa. This guide will help you as we have provides all information about Tigo pesa charges Tanzania, Scroll down to read the full Details.

Tigo Tanzania is a telecommunication company.. With over 13 million registered subscribers to their network, Tigo directly and indirectly employs over 300,000 Tanzanians including an extended network of customer service representatives, mobile money merchants, sales agents and distributors.

Tigo Pesa Tariffs 2021/2022 (Tigo Pesa Makato 2021) | Tigo pesa Tozo Mpya

Tariffs and charges applicable when sending and receiving money for Tigo Pesa subscribers.

Tigo Pesa Tariffs 2021/2022 (Tigo Pesa Makato 2021) Makato ya Tigo Pesa
Tigo Pesa Tariffs 2021/2022 (Tigo Pesa Makato 2021)


  • You can send or receive up to TZS 5m per day or deposit up to TZS 10m on your Tigo Pesa account once fully registered.
  •  When transacting at an agent’s outlet, you will be asked to show your original identification document.
  • Make sure your registration information is correct otherwise dial *106# then 2 or contact Tigo customer service for more assistance.
  • For Cash-in , ensure the transaction has completed successfully and the balance on your account is correct and in line with the transaction you have done before leaving the agent premises.
  •    For Cash-out, ensure the  transaction has completed successfully, the balance in your account is correct in line with your transaction and that you have the right amount of cash before leaving the agent  premises
  • Remember to validate receiver’s number whenever you send money to avoid inconvenience.
  • Access to the Tigo Pesa services is PIN protected. You hereby agree to guard your PIN and not disclose it to any third party including Tigo Pesa outlet operators, Tigo staff or any person purporting to have authority to ask for it. Change your PIN frequently.

WALLET TO BANK Terms and Conditions

  • Subscriber must be Registered with Tigo Pesa
  • Subscriber can only send amounts within the transfer and transaction limit that are set
  • Subscriber must have balance in the wallet that includes sending amount and transfer fee

*All charges and tariffs on the Services are subject to applicable taxes.
*For fees and charges not listed on the website, please call 100 or visit any of our Tigo Shops for assistance.

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Ada Mpya Tigo Pesa

Initial public offering

In December 2016, in accordance to the government law, tiGO Tanzania applied to list the company on the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange,[8] but as of April 9 2019 it was yet to go public.[9]

Mobile Services

Mobile money

Tigo like all telecommunication brands in Tanzania operates Mobile money services. Currently tigo operates the second largest network and subscriber base for mobile money services in Tanzania.[10] In 2014, the company became the first company in the world to share its profit with its subscribes through mobile money. The company issues quarterly dividends to customers based on their daily balance in their Mobile wallet.

Tigo Pesa also became, in 2014, the first in Africa to provide a fully inter operable mobile money service network; that allowed its customers to trade money between Vodacom, Airtel and Zantel.[11] The service also extended to Tigo in Rwanda and the company was the pioneer in East Africa’s first cross-border money transfer mobile wallet product. The gateway allowed customers in Rwanda and Tanzania to send money to tiGO customers in the respective countries.[12]


In December 2015, Tigo Tanzania launched 4G LTE services in Dar es Salaam. The company was the first in the country to bring 4G and 3G speeds to its customers and possibly one of the first companies in Africa to provide LTE services

credit : Wikipedia

Ada Mpya Tigo Pesa

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