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US donates more Covid-19 vaccine to Rwanda

U.S. donation of Covid-19 vaccines to Rwanda has reached 3.2 million following a latest consignment of 999,180 doses of Pfizer vaccine.

The vaccines are a gift according to the Embassy of the United States of America to Rwanda, which officials said is a symbol of the continued U.S. commitment to partner with the country to protect the health of Rwandans.  

US donates more Covid-19 vaccine to Rwanda
US donates more Covid-19 vaccine to Rwanda

The vaccines arrived at Kigali International Airport on the evening of January 1, 2022, according to a statement.

This latest donation brings the total current U.S. donation of COVID-19 vaccines to Rwanda to 3,295,730 doses.  

“The United States has provided more than 3 million vaccine doses to Rwanda,” said U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Deborah MacLean 

She added that Nearly 2 million additional doses are due to arrive this month.  

“This further shows our strong commitment to and partnership with Rwanda.” She said

Since the start of the pandemic, the United States has stood side-by-side with the Rwandan people committing nearly Rwf30 billion to combat COVID-19.

 The United States has pledged to donate at least 1.1 billion doses of COVID-19 doses globally by 2023.

The United States commitment remains steady and strong to make sure vaccines are delivered where they are needed most to end the global pandemic in partnering with COVAX, WHO, UNICEF, and  countries.

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