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Usajili Wa Sure Boy | Nassridine Nabi Yanga Sc Head Couch Said this

Usajiri wa sure boy

What Yanga Sc Head Couch had To Say about Sure Boy Transfer

I really enjoyed this Transfer (Sure Boy Transfer ). “I have looked at his quality here (in practice) and he has shown me that he is one of the best players here in Tanzania who will help us a lot,”

“Right now when you miss Aucho you are under pressure because you have another (Sure Boy). I think we are right in the midfield, we are not as worried as we used to be. ”

“Sure Boy steals well, but he also has great quality in long and short passes. I see he can play the whole midfield even if we decide to move him a little closer to the final striker.
“There was a time when football could be played with many players and yet the team got better and got results. Sure Boy will increase the competition for space and every player will now add creativity so he can get a chance. ”

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