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Mane Maven: 30 Hairstyles to Try for Every Hair Type



Your hair is your greatest jewel, and experimenting with different hairstyles is a great opportunity to express yourself and embrace your individual beauty. The Mane Maven line has something for everyone, whether you have crisp straight hair, bouncy curls, or enormous waves. In this blog post, we’ll look at 30 must-try hairstyles for every hair type. Prepare to channel your inner style icon!

1. Classic Bob with Straight Hair

The classic bob will never go out of style. A sleek and polished bob can offer an impression of refinement to your image if you have straight hair.

2. Messy Beach Waves for Wavy Hair

With easy beach waves, you can embrace the natural texture of wavy hair. Scrunch your hair with a texturizing spray to achieve this effect.

3. Curly Pixie Cut for Curly Hair

A playful and daring pixie cut is appropriate for curly hair. Show off those gorgeous curls with a short and stylish haircut.

4. Long Hair Braided Crown

Enhance your long hair with a beautiful, braided crown. This hairstyle is ideal for special occasions since it emanates grace and femininity.

5. High Ponytail with Thick Hair

For thick hair, a high ponytail is a classic look. For a polished and elegant look, pull your hair up into a sleek ponytail.

6. Half-Up, Half-Down Bun for Medium-Length Hair

A half-up, half-down bun strikes the perfect blend between casual and stylish. This style is both functional and elegant for medium-length hair.

7. Top Knot for Fine Hair

With a little teasing and the correct styling products, fine hair may produce a voluminous top knot. This simple and elegant hairdo is appropriate for any occasion.

8. Fishtail Braid for Long Straight Hair

A fishtail braid adds a glamorous accent to long, straight hair. This detailed and eye-catching style is sure to attract attention.

9. Messy Bun for Short Hair

With a sloppy bun, short hair may seem effortlessly elegant. Embrace the undone look by framing your face with loose tendrils.

10. Sleek High Bun for Natural Hair

Put your natural curls on display by pulling them into a sleek high bun. This style is not only beautiful but also protective of your hair.

11. Loose Waves for Short Wavy Hair 

With loose waves, short and wavy hair can look effortlessly elegant. For a laid-back look, use a curling iron or embrace your natural texture.

12. Box Braids for Protective Styling

Protective styles, such as box braids, not only look great but also support healthy hair development. Experiment with different colors to achieve a bold and bright appearance.

13. Voluminous Curls for Medium-Length Hair

Make your medium-length hair look fuller with abundant curls. To give bounce and body to your hair, use a curling wand.

14. Twisted Updo for Fine Straight Hair

For delicate, straight hair, a twisted updo is an appealing option. This hairdo gives your look texture and visual intrigue.

15. Afro Puff for Natural Curly Hair

With an afro puff, you can show off your natural curls. This fun and confident haircut is ideal for embracing your natural texture.

16. Waterfall Braid for Long Wavy Hair

A waterfall braid will complement the beauty of long, wavy hair. This beautiful and airy look is ideal for a memorable evening out.

17. Low Chignon for Thick Straight Hair

A low chignon can be used to tame thick, straight hair. This traditional and stylish hairdo is ideal for formal occasions.

18. Side-Swept Bangs for Medium-Length Hair

Side-swept bangs will add interest to your medium-length hair. This style frames your face well and adds a humorous touch.

19. Space Buns for Short Straight Hair

With space buns, short, straight hair may be both charming and edgy. This fashionable and youthful hairdo is ideal for showing your individuality.

20. Spiral Curls for Long Curly Hair

Spiral curls will bring out the most in your long, curly hair. This gorgeous and enticing look is ideal for formal occasions.

21. Low Ponytail with Wrap-Around Braid for Thin Hair

A low ponytail with a wrap-around braid will elevate thin hair. This technique adds a touch of romance while creating the illusion of thickness.

22. Mohawk Braid for Natural Short Hair

With a Mohawk braid, short natural hair can look tough and attractive. This striking and empowering haircut is ideal for making a statement.

23. Slicked-Back Pixie Cut for Fine Hair

A slicked-back pixie cut can add refinement to fine hair. This edgy, modern look is simple to maintain and effortlessly chic.

24. Bantu Knots for Natural Hair

Bantu knots are a fun and fashionable way to show off your natural texture. Experiment with different knot sizes to create a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching design.

25. Crown Braid for Medium-Length Wavy Hair

A crown braid can make medium-length wavy hair look majestic. This elaborate and exquisite design is ideal for weddings and other important occasions.

26. High Twisted Ponytail for Long Straight Hair

Utilize twists to elevate a high ponytail for a distinctive and attractive style. This hairdo gives a new spin on a traditional look.

27. Messy Fishtail Bun with Thick Wavy Hair

For a boho-chic look, combine the appeal of a fishtail braid with the comfort of a messy bun. This design is ideal for a relaxed and easygoing mood.

28. Braided Top Knot for Long Thin Hair

A braided top knot can look lovely on long, thin hair. This approach incorporates texture and visual intrigue, resulting in a romantic and feminine appearance.

29. Classic French Twist for Straight Hair of Medium Length

Try a traditional French twist with medium-length straight hair for a timeless and classy style. This design is fantastic.

30. Natural Hair Cornrows with Beads

Cornrows studded with beads allow you to express your creativity. This technique not only looks great, but it also allows for a variety of creative bead configurations.


The possibilities for expressing your individual style are boundless with the Mane Maven line. There is a haircut for everyone, whether you have straight, wavy, curly, thin, thick, or natural hair. Experiment, have fun, and embark on your Mane Maven voyage! Remember that your hair is your canvas, and these hairstyles are the paintbrush strokes that help you create a masterpiece that is uniquely yours.


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